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Understanding Citizenship

A citizen is a person who is a member of a nation or state. A person may have multiple citizenships. Citizenship in the United States is possible through a number of pathways.

U.S. citizenship is a privilege that many people strive for. Obtaining United States citizenship has many benefits, including voting rights, freedom from deportation, and more. Citizenship is automatically attainable after five years of permanent residency in the U.S. It can also be earned by serving in the military.

If you are trying to obtain citizenship in the U.S., an experienced immigration attorney can provide valuable information and advice.

How Does Someone Get Citizenship? 

U.S. citizenship can be acquired in four ways, and it is essential to know the requirements of each path. The paths to becoming a United States citizen include the following:

    1. Naturalization: This path requires that the person has been a lawful permanent resident for five years, is 18 or older, speaks English, and passes a civics test.
    2. Parents: A child born in the United States automatically gains citizenship if at least one parent is a citizen or permanent resident. Foreign-born adopted children are also entitled to U.S. citizenship.
    3. Marriage: When you are married to a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible for a Green Card and then naturalize to become a citizen after three years through naturalization. 
    4. Military service: U.S. army veterans can also become citizens by naturalization if they have served honorably in the armed forces.

    Consulting with citizenship lawyers can make the process of obtaining lawful permanent residence easier.

    Is the Citizenship Process Costly in the U.S.?

    To become United States citizens, individuals may have to pay the following fees:

    • Application fee for an individual or a sponsoring organization
    • Biometrics and fingerprinting fee
    • Legal fees

    Applying for citizenship comes with various immigration issues. A local law firm of citizenship attorneys can help you with the citizenship process.

      How Does the Citizenship Application Process Work?

      The process starts with the applicant submitting the application, which an officer then reviews. If it is approved, the applicant will receive a notice of approval or a request for more information.

      Highly experienced immigration lawyers can explain nationality law and help naturalization applicants prepare for immigration court.

      Do You Need a Citizenship Application Lawyer?

      Applying for U.S. citizenship can be confusing and overwhelming. To overcome this, finding a lawyer who can help you through the process is vital.

      Verifying that the immigration lawyer is certified by the American Bar Association can help you ensure they have met the qualifications needed to practice immigration law in Missouri.

      Citizenship lawyers can help you:

      • Determine your green card or citizenship eligibility
      • Gather and file the required documentation for your citizenship application
      • Prepare for your citizenship interview and civics test
      • Represent you in court
      • Appeal a rejection
      • Advocate for your eligibility even if you have a criminal conviction

      Citizenship lawyers can make the difference between an approved application and one that is rejected. Contact KC Immigration Lawyers now to book your free consultation and learn more about the citizenship and immigration services we offer. 


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