Everything You Need to Know About the Kansas City Immigration Court

Trips to the Kansas City Immigration Court can be made easier by learning more about what it does. For information and resources, call K.C. Immigration Lawyers.

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What Is the Kansas City Immigration Court?

The Kansas City Immigration Court is the only immigration court located in Missouri. It is also known as the Kansas City Executive Office for Immigration Review. It falls under the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, overseen by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) under the Department of Justice. 

This immigration court is located at 2345 Grand Boulevard, Suite 525, Kansas City, MO 64108. You can easily follow your Google Maps for more directions. The court is open from 8 AM to 4 PM every business day.

All submissions must be made in person, as electronic submissions are not accepted unless specifically requested by the immigration court judge or staff.

The court handles all the cases of immigrants to the United States, which includes the procedures for deportation, asylum, permanent residence, and visa requests and approvals. These procedures in an immigration court are quite different from other courts and don’t follow the same rules and processes. 

How Does the Kansas City Immigration Court Work?

The Kansas City Immigration Court works like other immigration courts. The court can rule on applications for asylum, green card requests, and deportation proceedings.

Common immigration fillings include petitions, motions, briefs, and evidence. Petitions and motions are fillings that allow requests for the immigration court to take a specific action like granting asylum. A brief is used to present legal arguments or additional information in an immigration court. You can also file evidence like a document or testimony to support your case. 

Immigration proceedings are known to be time-consuming and complex. That is why many people choose to use the services of an immigration lawyer. These proceedings determine whether an immigrant will continue to stay in the United States or be deported. 

These fillings are submitted in writing and served to the other party in the case. There might also be a hearing for the presentation of the arguments and evidence in person. An immigration lawyer can represent you in your case, but its important to note that the government will not provide you with an immigration lawyer. So, you will have to pay for one. 

You must understand the rules and procedures of immigration court if you have a case to present. You can also get information from the EOIR. The agency has helpful resources you can read and a hotline you can contact. Having an immigration attorney might make the entire court proceedings go smoother without learning many new things.

How Can An Immigration Court Attorney Help?

You might be wondering why someone may need a citizenship lawyer or get a lawyer for a simple visa request at the Kansas Immigration Court. Aside from their experience in the field, an immigration lawyer can offer invaluable legal counsel for your specific case, ultimately saving you time and ensuring your best interests are represented.

While many people choose to represent themselves in their immigration court proceedings, there are certain situations where you need all the help that an experienced immigration attorney offers. Some of those situations include:

1. When Criminal Convictions Are Involved

If you have been previously convicted of a crime, you will need to indicate that in your application. These convictions might sway the judge towards a rejection, but your immigration lawyer will know best how to tilt the scales in your favor. Criminal convictions can, sometimes, be complicated. It is wise to consult an immigration attorney for guidance on the impact of a conviction.

2. When Your Application Has Been Denied In The Past

If your previous application was denied, there was a reason. An immigration lawyer can help you determine this reason and avoid it in your next application or immigration appeal. There are several pitfalls that your attorneys can help you navigate. 

3. When You Are Divorced

For a green card based on marriage to a US citizen, a divorce might be viewed as a fraudulent action to gain a green card. Immigration does not always believe a divorce is fraudulent. But does occasionally come up during a deportation case. You will need a professional attorney on your side who can help you build a compelling defense for a fraud allegation. 

4. When Employers Refuse to Cooperate

You can apply for an employment-based visa to stay in the US, but you will need your employer’s cooperation to actualize that dream. If your employer refuses to cooperate without cause, your attorney can ensure they fulfill their legal obligations. 

An immigration attorney can only help you to the extent of their capacity and experience. Therefore, choose your immigration attorney carefully.

Research the attorney’s experience, speak with several firms, and compare the costs. With these tips, you can get experienced immigration lawyers in Kansas City. 

Still Worried About Your Kansas City Immigration Case? 

If you are worried about the outcome of your Kansas City immigration court proceedings, KC Immigration Lawyers may be able to help you. It is not the time to keep wondering, do I need a K1 visa lawyer? Instead, consider hiring a K1 visa lawyer to represent you during your immigration judge hearing. An experienced lawyer can navigate the complexities of the immigration system, guide you through the legal process, and provide professional counsel to help you present the strongest case possible. With a lawyer by your side, you can increase your chances of success and potentially avoid costly mistakes that could lead to delays or denial of your visa application.

Even if all you get out of it is legal advice, having a lawyer to help you navigate all the legalities of court can make it easier. You can contact our legal team and schedule an appointment. We are always ready to answer all your Kansas City Immigration Court questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed up My Application?

No, your Kansas City immigration lawyers can only help you prepare everything in time to avoid delays. However, they can explain the reason delays might occur and provide an accurate timeline, but they can’t speed up your application. 

Do Immigration Lawyers Charge for Consultations?

Yes, it is standard practice for some immigration lawyers to charge for the initial consultations. However, you can still get free consultations from some law firms. Know what is obtainable at the law firm before you commit. 

What Should I Wear to my Kansas City Immigration Court Hearing?

Ensure that you dress conservatively and professionally to your hearing. Remember that it is a court, and proper etiquette must be maintained.