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Professional and PERSONABLE Help with Your Immigration and Citizenship CASE

At KC Immigration Lawyers, we offer a number of services focused on assisting our clients with U.S. immigration law. Primarily, we help people obtain their green cards (permanent residency), US citizenship, or come to the United States via visas such as a K-1 fiancee visa. 

U.S. visas are required for anyone who would like to come into this country. From gathering information and documents to completing forms, and preparing you for your interview, working with us can make it easier.

No matter which visa or method of coming to the U.S. you pursue, the immigration process involves a number of steps before you gain citizenship – or even get approved for a visa. It can be complicated and anxiety-provoking. 

We are committed to making sure you understand the process and know what to expect. We are there each step of the way to answer questions, set expectations, and help you chart the best path forward.

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About Us

Attorney Bill Niffen of KC Immigration Lawyers has years of experience practicing law in the greater Kansas City metro area including Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas and Clay, Jackson, Platte, and Ray Counties in Missouri. He is a 2021 recipient of the AVVO Client’s Choice Award in immigration law.

Immigration is a complicated process. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can make the difference. That’s where KC Immigration Lawyers comes in. KC Immigration Lawyers will be with you all the way through your immigration journey. KC Immigration Lawyers can guide you through complicated issues involved in your particular immigration journey.

Immigration lawyer Bill Niffen is dedicated to using his thorough knowledge of the immigration process to provide his clients with an anxiety-free immigration experience.

Contact KC Immigration Lawyers today for a free consultation.

The Role of the Kansas City USCIS

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office is responsible for administering all immigration-related applications. This includes evaluating green card petitions, processing citizenship (naturalization) applications, and providing other forms of immigration assistance.

USCIS has field offices across the country, including Kansas City. The field offices conduct interviews for immigration cases such as family-based visas. However, asylum applications are exempt from their jurisdiction. They also hold citizenship ceremonies and provide support during the immigration application process.

Visits to field offices are by appointment only. So if you need to visit the Kansas field office, you must call ahead and book an appointment. You can call the Kansas City USCIS field office at +1 800-375-5283.

Practice Areas

KC Immigration Lawyers serves the Kansas City metro area as well as immigration clients throughout the US and around the world.. We provide thorough and knowledgeable assistance in many areas of immigration law, including the following:

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US Citizenship

When lawful permanent residents wish to become U.S. citizens, KC Immigration Lawyers can help. We provide a variety of legal services to help non-citizens understand the immigration process and prepare for naturalization. We offer information, advice, and representation so permanent residents can secure citizenship quickly.

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Green Cards (Permanent Residency)

Completing the permanent residency (green card) process is a pivotal step in the immigration journey. With this status, the green card holder can live and work anywhere in the U.S. and will typically be eligible to apply for US citizenship in a few years.

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Fiancee Visas (K-1 Visas)

Fiancee visas or K-1s are just one type of visa under the family-based immigration umbrella. These visas allow a foreign national to enter the United States for 90 days to meet their partner’s family and get married. As this is a very specific visa, it helps to have the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney to ensure the necessary paperwork is correctly completed and submitted.

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Family-based immigration

Family-based immigration, where a relative lives in the United States and sponsors you for a green card, may be one of the most typically used paths for residency in the U.S. KC Immigration Lawyers can help with applications and representation.

A person who wants to legally live and work in the United States needs the right documentation and approval from the immigration authorities. There are many steps in the long and complicated US immigration system.

One of the first things to consider before applying for immigration is whether or not you want to hire an immigration attorney. Immigration lawyers in Kansas City can help you with many things, including answering your questions about the process and guiding you all the way to US citizenship.

Immigration lawyers in Kansas City, MO, provide comprehensive immigration solutions for various situations. The immigrants or their family members usually hire these lawyers to help them understand immigration policies and help them navigate through the immigration process.

Kansas City immigration lawyers make the immigration application process easy for you because they know the law and the necessary steps to take. They also provide legal advice and representation for their clients and help them with the required paperwork.

Kansas City immigration lawyers can help people with immigration cases, such as:

  • Family-based visa applications (“green cards”)
  • US citizenship (“naturalization”) applications
  • Deportation defense and removal proceedings
  • The green card application process
  • Work permits
  • Representing clients in the asylum process

The immigration process involves extensive communications with government agencies such as the USCIS, and sometimes Immigration Court. There can be a lot of correspondence and paperwork for you to complete, which can be quite overwhelming. Your Kansas City immigration lawyer can help you complete the paperwork, organize your documents and ensure that your application is in order.

The Immigration Court is also known as the Executive Office for Immigration Review. The Court is an arm of the Department of Justice. Its functions include:

  • Deciding whether or not an individual should be removed (deported) from the United States

  • Deciding whether an applicant facing deportation or removal is entitled to any relief

There are several immigration courts across the United States, including one in Kansas City, MO. If you’re facing possible removal from the US, you might have to appear before the Kansas City Immigration Court, especially if you wish to fight removal (deportation).

In such an instance, your immigration lawyer can represent you in your removal proceedings and help you provide a suitable defense depending on your circumstances.

Legal assistance is not strictly required for filing an immigration application or completing a permanent residence petition, but it can make a difference in approval. An experienced immigration law group can provide comprehensive immigration solutions that a non-professional might overlook.

When you plan to immigrate to the United States, there is a lot to consider. From changing immigration laws to what is the best plan for you and your family, the decisions can be overwhelming.

If you are looking for a professional immigration law firm in Kansas City, KC Immigration Lawyers can help. Whether it is to help you complete the permanent resident petition (“green card”) process, or become a US citizen through naturalization, you have come to the right place.

Working with KC Immigration Lawyers

Our firm offers a wide range of immigration-related legal services to several categories of clients, including:

American citizens looking to sponsor a spouse, child, parent, or sibling for a green card
American citizens who wish to bring their fiancés to the US
Non-citizens seeking visas
Those pursuing permanent residency or US citizenship

Our office provides immigrants with answers to their questions and helps with their immigration-related processes such as work permits or applications for permanent residency.

With KC Immigration Lawyers, you can rest assured you will receive honest legal advice, advocacy, and representation in North Kansas City, everywhere in the Kansas City metro area, throughout the United States, or anywhere in the world.

We have significant experience with various immigration matters such as green card applications, work permits, family visas, marriage visas, fiancé visas, and more.

We also offer help with the process of US citizenship and naturalization. If you have questions about becoming a US citizen or have a family member needing help with their visa application, contact KC Immigration Lawyers immediately for skilled legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply for Immigration on My Own?

You can complete the immigration process by yourself. However, the process could get complicated because of the numerous rules and regulations, and the volume of paperwork involved. Mistakes can lead to delays and even denial, resulting in wasted time and money.

You will likely benefit from the knowledge and experience of an immigration attorney who can help you avoid those costly mistakes.

Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Immigration Process?

An immigration lawyer is a legal professional experienced in helping people navigate the complex US immigration system. With our knowledge of the current immigration laws, we can help you avoid any errors or incomplete documentation, which might otherwise slow down the process and increase the likelihood of denial.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Green Card With a Lawyer?

We charge flat fees, period. That means you never pay a penny more than what we tell you we will charge. And flat fees mean that you can contact us with your questions, and not worry about paying more to get reassurance and peace of mind.